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Ultimate Attorney Contributors
Draye Redfern
Draye is the creator and founder of Ultimate Attorney, one of the leading online content and education platforms for attorneys across the world. 

He is also the President of Redfern Media, a marketing and consulting agency that helps Professional Service based businesses expand their practices through marketing. In addition, Draye serves as Chief Operating Officer of Daniels-Head Inc. which provides insurance solutions to more than 8,600 law firms annually.

Draye teaches the Legal Marketing Fundamentals Course, and the Attorney Essentials Course (with Mary Jane Dykeman). 

Jay Abraham
As Founder and CEO of Abraham Group, Inc. (Los Angeles, California), Jay has spent his entire career solving problems and fixing businesses. He has significantly increased the bottom lines of over 10,000 clients in more than 400 industries, and over 7,200 sub industries, worldwide. Jay has dealt with virtually every type of business. He has studied, and solved, almost every type of business question, challenge and opportunity.

Known as the 9.4 Billion Dollar Man,  Jay's advice and counsel is repeatedly sought from world class performers such as: Daymond John (Shark Tank), Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Harvey Mackay and many others.

Mary Jane Dykeman, JD
Mary Jane Dykeman is a Partner at Dykeman & O’Brien LLP in Toronto (DDO Health Law). She has practiced health law for two decades, and loves the complex cases it brings. She decided a couple of years ago that without making significant changes to law and life, her current approach could not be sustained. That’s when her entrepreneurial roots kicked in.

Having taught mental health at Osgoode, her alma mater, for 13 years, Mary Jane sees firsthand the burnout attorneys face. The pace of law is only increasing as technology makes everyone more accessible, and the chase of the billable hour cannot be scaled.

A dynamic speaker and thought leader, Mary Jane has embraced the challenge to transform the lives of attorneys worldwide. Mary Jane teaches in the Attorney Essentials Course. 
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