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A Few Reasons Why You Should Attend Income & Impact...
"I have been a member of Ultimate Attorney for a year and a half, I have learned SO much. It doesn't matter where you are in your practice, you're going to learn something thats helpful!  ...I highly recommend Draye!!"
Carrie Sue Doxsee
Law In Kansas City
Mary Jane is one of the smartest entrepreneurs I know... If you're trying to  make more money and help more people, I'd listen to Mary Jane.  Draye is one of the smartest marketing minds on the planet. 
Jim Dew
DEW Wealth Management
Author, Beyond A Million
The Venue
This year's income and impact conference will be held at 
the stoneleigh hotel in dallas, tx

Tickets for The Income & Impact Event Are No Longer Available
Please check back for our next event

What Would Your Legal Practice Look Like If...
You had a proven roadmap for creating and running a high six -figure and or seven-figure legal practice that delivers massive value for your clients.
You could 10X the impact you have on your clients and get them to be your "raving fans" and your biggest advocates - who help to provide an endless stream of qualified referrals and positive reviews. 
You could become more than an attorney for your clients and command a significantly higher fee while working with the type of clients who would gratefully pay you what you're worth.
You had no issue filling your calendar with prospects who are qualified to work with you, and were eager for you to get started on their legal solution.
Your authority in the legal field was so undeniably clear that you were able to get booked at events, speak on panels and effortlessly onboard clients into your practice because your reputation and credibility speak for themselves. 
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