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Ultimate Attorney Courses
Attorney Essentials
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The Attorney Essentials Course
Upon passing the bar, many attorneys are not properly equipped to handle the rigors of “hanging a shingle” and starting their own legal business. As such, many attorneys find employment inside existing law firms only to be disenchanted a few years later… This course will offer incredible insights that should be considered MUST LEARN information for new attorneys as well as attorneys who have been practicing for more than a decade.

In this jam-packed course, Mary Jane Dykeman, JD and Draye Redfern will teach you how to Dramatically Increase Profits, Lower Stress, Create More Balance, Become a Master of Time Management & Live a More Fulfilled Life (and Legal Practice)
The Legal Marketing Fundamentals Course 
Marketing for Attorneys has typically consisted of: the Yellow Pages, Business Networking Groups, Billboard Ads and other miscellaneous advertising that doesn’t work… or at the very best, has mixed results.

In this Hard-Hitting (21st Century) Marketing Course, you’ll learn: How to Ethically Compel Your Prospects To Do Business with You, How to Crush Your Competition and how to position you as THE GO-TO LEGAL EXPERT.  

These strategies will help put your business on the path towards Predictable Profitability through modern day marketing methods that other attorneys aren’t using. Your competition wonder where all the customers have gone… (HINT: they are seeking you out and not them)
Legal Marketing Fundamentals
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The Ultimate Attorney Basics…
Weekly Lessons From The Ultimate Attorney Toolbox
The Ultimate Attorney Toolbox will help you develop the qualities necessary to elevate your income and improve your practice. These lessons are written to help provide insights on the fundamental tactics and strategies to benefit you and your law firm – 100% gratis.
Law Firm Gossip: Nip It In the Bud in 9 Steps
Jun 27, 2017 | Law Firm Optimization

Gossip. .. It is insidious. .. It destroys team morale, as well as your firm's productivity. .. Nip it in the bud! The Emotional Cost of Gossip Law firms that allow gossip to flourish end up with employee...

How Much Fun Have You Had Lately? (Life Wellness Check)
Jun 14, 2017 | Life Wellness Check

How much fun have you had lately? Sometimes attorneys don't plan for it, and I know that sounds really rigid, “Oh, I'm going to have to plan and schedule in some fun.” However... when was the last time: You were light-hearted? That you read a good book? You were out...

People DO Judge a Book by It’s Cover! How Your Law Firm Can Make A Great First Impression!
May 3, 2017 | Law Firm Optimization

  In as little as 5 seconds, your clients will evaluate you and your firm for the first time. This first impression will set the tone for the rest of the meeting. If the first impression is wrong, they are difficult to reverse. . That is why you want to be sure that...

Legal Marketing Fundamentals
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But, the Service providers who sell SEO services, Google Rankings, Email Marketing and other services want you to think that it is. Learn the tactics that they don’t want you to know.

Traditional Law Firms all Market their law firms in the same way… “Free Consultations” “No fee if no Recovery” “We will go to WAR for you”. It doesn’t work, and it’s all noise. What if there was a better way?

If you market your law firm in the same way that everyone else does, you should expect the same profits (or lack thereof) that everyone else does. Learn how to change your Methods and Increase your Revenue.
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