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Attorney Essentials
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Upon passing the bar, many attorneys are not properly equipped to handle the rigors of “hanging a shingle” and starting their own legal business. As such, many attorneys find employment inside existing law firms only to be disenchanted a few years later… This course will offer incredible insights that should be considered MUST LEARN information for new attorneys as well as attorneys who have been practicing for more than a decade.
In this jam-packed course, Mary Jane Dykeman, JD and Draye Redfern will teach you how to Dramatically Increase Profits, Lower Stress, Create More Balance, Become a Master of Time Management & Live a More Fulfilled Life (and Legal Practice)
Marketing for Attorneys has typically consisted of: the Yellow Pages, Business Networking Groups, Billboard Ads and other miscellaneous advertising that doesn’t work… or at the very best, has mixed results.

In this Hard-Hitting (21st Century) Marketing Course, you’ll learn: How to Ethically Compel Your Prospects To Do Business with You, How to Crush Your Competition and how to position you as THE GO-TO LEGAL EXPERT.  

These strategies will help put your business on the path towards Predictable Profitability through modern day marketing methods that other attorneys aren’t using. Your competition wonder where all the customers have gone… (HINT: they are seeking you out and not them)
Legal Marketing Fundamentals
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Legal Marketing Fundamentals
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The Ultimate Lead Gen System Is Specifically Designed For High-End Coaches, Consultants & Professional Service Providers Who Are Looking To Generate And Convert More Leads Through The Use Of Non-Traditional Marketing Methods That Create Intense Interest And Generate Massive Amounts Of Rapport Very Quickly.
Learn How To Create Raving Fans Of Your Business And Endless Reoccurring Revenue Through...Nurturing Prospects, Customers, Team Members And Your Self In Order To Create A Business That Has An Endless Stream Of Referrals And Predictable Revenue.
Tangible Nurture Course
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Creating Your Own Business Success
This course is coming soon
Jay Abraham's  in-depth course will unleash your true potential as a legal entrepreneur and allow you to craft the business success that you have always dreamed of.  COMING SOON 
Legal Marketing Fundamentals
Are you a serious attorney who is looking to "level up" every area of you law practice?   If so, then Ultimate Attorney Coaching is for you! 

In the Ultimate Attorney Coaching Profram you will have direct access to Draye and the rest of the Ultimate Attorney Community to crowd source solutions and hold you accountable on your path towards creating a prominent legal practice.
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