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Law Firm Gossip: Nip It In the Bud in 9 Steps

by Ultimate Attorney
Categories: Law Firm Optimization.
Gossip. .. It is insidious. .. It destroys team morale, as well as your firm’s productivity. .. Nip it in the bud! The Emotional...

How Much Fun Have You Had Lately? (Life Wellness Check)

by Ultimate Attorney
Categories: Life Wellness Check. 
How much fun have you had lately? Sometimes attorneys don’t plan for it, and I know that sounds really rigid, “Oh, I’m going to have to plan and schedule in some fun.” However…...

People DO Judge a Book by It’s Cover! How Your Law Firm Can Make A Great First Impression!

by Ultimate Attorney
Categories: Law Firm Optimization. 
 In as little as 5 seconds, your clients will evaluate you and your firm for the first time. This first impression will set the tone for the rest of the meeting. If the first impression is wrong,...

The 15 Ways You Can Grow Your Small Law Practice – Today!

by Ultimate Attorney
Categories: Attorney Marketing.
It’s easy to get busy with the every day running of a law firm and forget about trying to grow the practice. Here are 15 simple, inexpensive ideas that can help you expand and seriously boost your...

10 Reasons Attorneys Hate Marketing and How To Change It

by Ultimate Attorney
Categories: Attorney Marketing and Top 10 Lists.
Most attorney’s hate sales and marketing, in fact many find it debilitating. And yet it’s probably fair to say that the future of any firm or practice depends on their effectiveness in both...

Outsourcing Has Come to Lawyers and Law Firms

by Ultimate Attorney
Categories: Legal Outsourcing. 
Lawyers and firms should no longer think that they have to do everything themselves in order for it to be right. This is especially true if the practice is overwhelmed. In such practices, doing...

10 Things to Consider When Outsourcing Legal Work at Your Small Law Firm

by Ultimate Attorney
Categories: Legal Outsourcing and Top 10 Lists.
Outsourcing legal work is becoming quite common in the United States. Grunt work, such as document review, form preparation, and research can be done by contract lawyers, saving your firm time and...

How to Get More Traffic to Your Law Firms Website

by Ultimate Attorney
Categories: Attorney Marketing and Websites.
Do you have a website but it isn’t drawing any attention? Is you law firm website traffic lower than you would like it to be? Many people find that they spend a lot of time and effort putting...
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