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Legal Websites That Convert
Most web-designers build websites that look pretty, but don't generate new business.  You need a website that converts prospects to clients, and clients to "raving fans"
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Is Your Current Website Costing You Thousands in Lost Business?
Before you consider hiring a web designer and spending thousands of dollars on a website that doesnt convert prospect to customers... Download our FREE Guide and start using your website as a conversion generating machine! Already have a website?  Download this guide to learn what your site is lacking and how you can fix it...
Download "The 10 Things Your Web Designer Doesn't Want You To Know!"
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Web Evaluation Now!
How Are Your Prospects Judging You Based On Your Current Website???
In today's busy society, speed and efficiency matter more than ever before! Your prospects want to work with an attorney that not only knows the law, but also an attorney that is relevant, efficient and makes their life easier. If your website does not adequately convey... 
  •  Who You Are
  •  What You Do
  •  Why You Are Different
  •  How They Can Engage With You...
... in less than 10 seconds, then you are literally bleeding money with missed opportunities, and lost business. 
You wouldn't drive a 1920's Ford Model-T to work would you? No...Because it would be unreliable, inefficient and possibly dangerous!  This is exactly what your prospects think of you when they visit your law firm's dated website!

Your website should...
  •  Portray You As Credible, Relevant & Modern
  •  Educate the prospect about the aspects of their case or experience that they may be "missing" or are unaware of.
  •  Assist the prospect in their journey towards making an informed decision about hiring an attorney (you).  
  •  Convert the prospect to a warm-lead, build rapport and help to convert that prospect to a paying client. 
If your website does not accomplish these tasks, then we recommend that you submit your website for one of our complimentary evaluations. Our website evaluation will show you what your site is missing, explain why it's important and how you can correct it. The best part is that... It's FREE!
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Are You Staying Relevant?
There are more softwares, systems and technology than ever before.   Are you staying relevant to the technology changes occurring in the marketplace, or are you falling behind the times?  Your legal prospects want to be able to pay their bills online, interact with your office online and schedule a consultation without having to call or waste time.   Do you give them these options?
Website Chat
Allows your prospects to interact with your office, see if your law firm handles their type of cases and get their basic questions answered.  This can take moments instead of minutes and can give your firm a competitive advantage when a prospect is searching for a law firm. 
Email Automation & Drip Campaigns
Client education is one of the most time consuming parts of consultations.  This process can be largely systematized and you can build rapport with your potential prospects using automated email campaigns to help answer questions and share insights. 
Calendar Automation
You are inevitably missing opportunities because people have to call your office, wait on hold and then see when you are available for a consultation.  You can now eliminate the whole process, save time, create efficiencies and close more clients by allowing clients to book an appointment online that works for their schedule. 
Online Payments
Filling out forms, signing credit card authorizations and scanning them and sending them back to your office can make your law firm seem obsolete. Taking payments on your secured website can reduce your accounts receivable and put more money back in your pocket each month.
An Option For Any Law Firm, With...
Crystal Clear Plans & Pricing
The Legal Solo-Preneur
A Great Plan For New Law Firms
  • FREE Hosting for 1-Year
  • Modern Site Design Optimized for Conversions from Prospects to Clients
  • Simple editing software for ongoing edits if you host your own site.
  • FREE SSL Secured Hosting ($500 Value)
  • 3 Months of Ultimate Attorney Access ($450 Value FREE)
  • A single project manager dedicated to your success!
The Growth-Mode Practice
With Over $3,800 in Additional Bonuses
  • Everything In The Legal Solo-Preneur Package PLUS:
  • Calendar Automation Integration & Setup
  • Email Automation & Drip Campaign Setup
  • Accept Payments & Retainers On Your Site
  • Website Chat Integration
  • 1 - Year Of Access To Ultimate Attorney 
    ($1,800 Value FREE)
  • One Ultimate Attorney Course of Your Choosing (Valued up to $2,000)
The Next Level Law Firm
With Over $9,700 in Additional Bonuses
  • Everything in the Growth-Mode Package PLUS:
  • Website Automation
  • Social Proof Software to Assist in Conversions
  • Full Email sequences
    (up to 20 automated emails)
  • Automated Chat Sequences
  • Four separate landing pages to help increase conversions with different offers
  • Content designing of Lead Magnets for landing pages
  • Blog set-up and design
  • Review Management for 1-Year ($2,000 Value)
  • 18 Months Of Access To Ultimate Attorney ($2,700 Value FREE)
  • The Complete Ultimate Attorney Course Library ($5,000 Value)
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